Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do you take students?

We start students as young as 4. After a 1-on-1 introductory session with an instructor we will be able to assess if your 4 year old is ready for our standard group and private training program or if focusing on private instruction only will better meet the students’ needs.

What makes United Studios different than other schools?

United Studios is the ONLY martial arts organization with a professional teaching academy to train all of our instructors how to be the best in the business, and instructors who receive continual training to keep updated of new developments in the business.

In addition, United Studios has nearly 200 schools throughout the United States and Canada, making us easily the largest martia arts organization in North America. Here’s a small list of other things that separate us from the rest:

Video/DVDs for each rank enabling the student to practice at home.

  • Black Belt Student Manual

  • USSD sponsored tournaments

  • Online magazine with new techniquse and exclusive interviews

  • In-house supplier for uniforms, sparring gear, and other supplies

  • Access to seminars and other special events

  • MUCH more, just ask…

What is Kempo?

Shaolin Kempo (also spelled Kenpo, also known as Shaolin Ch’uan Fa) is a mix of Karate, Kung Fu, and Ju-Jitsu. Kempo is known as an art that incorporates elements of several styles, and blends them into one style.

It doesn’t have one specialty, but rather adjusts itself to fit the situation that presents itself. Kempo is commonly taught at several schools advertising “Karate” or “Kung Fu” but United Studios teaches the truest form of Shaolin Kempo in the world today.

We are the only organization supported by the Shaolin Temple in China, considered the birthplace of modern martial arts.

How long does it take to reach black belt?

The average among adult students is 4-6 years from white belt to black belt.

At United Studios, students who reach the rank of black belt prior to their 16th birthday are considered junior black belts, and may re-certify for their black belt once they are 16.

It may take longer for children, and is of course dependant on the level of commitment, how often you are able to attend, and every individual’s style of learning.

Do I need to practice at home?

It depends on how often you attend classes, but it will certainly help, but yet not completely necessary either. It is possible to overtrain and start to get burned out. I recommend a review of material on days you don’t attend class, and a brief review of newer techniques on days you have class.

Can someone still train with physical limitations and/or learning disabilities?

YES! We have taught hundreds of people with learning disabilities such as autism, mental retardation, and other conditions such as dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder. Parents of children have commented countless times how our program turned their child’s life around, minimizing the effects of their learning disorder. We also train people with medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure and other conditions. We have also taught people with serious physical limitations such as back injuries, arthritis, and even people in wheel chairs or with one leg or arm!

Are your rates competitive with other schools in our area?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that schools make their money two different ways. Some charge less for tuition, but then charge exorbitant testing fees, membership dues, etc. At United Studios, our monthly tuition is more, but these other costs are minimal or even non-existent in many cases. After all things are considered, we are competitive, but not always the cheapest, but like most things in life–you get what you pay for.

Will my child become more aggressive because he/she is learning martial arts?

Absolutely not. At USSD Palo Alto, children spend as much time learning discipline and control as they do learning martial arts. We teach children to avoid violence whenever possible. However, if violence does become necessary, USSD Palo Alto also teaches children how to defend themselves without permanently harming their opponent.

Do I need to be physically fit or need much coordination to start?

No. Anyone who has determination can succeed in the martial arts. Physical fitness and improved coordination are just two of the many byproducts achieved during your training.

How do I get started?

We suggest students start with an Introductory Private Lesson.
This is 100% free, with no charge, obligation, or strings attached. This is to help students get acclimated to the various terms we use, get familiar with the various punches, kicks, stances, blocks, etc., and to assure you that we are a place you feel comfortable at.
You are also welcome to observe any of our group classes at your convenience.
Call us today to schedule your first private lesson, and start a journey that can last a lifetime.






















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